We use Cornerstone veterinary software to book appointments in the most efficient way possible, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs when scheduling an appointment. You can call the clinic or request an appointment online for your convenience. We do see emergencies during our normal business hours. If you feel that your pet is having an emergency, please call us immediately or bring your pet in. 

Preventative Care

Here at BVC, we believe in keeping your pets happy and healthy by preventing illness. We recommend annual examinations for all cats and dogs and examinations every six months for senior pets. When you come in for an examination, we will recommend a vaccination protocol designed specifically for your pet’s needs. We use Merial vaccines for both dogs and cats, as their Recombitek and Purevax technologies are state of the art and produce fewer vaccine reactions. We offer Datamars microchips, which come with a free lifetime registration. We believe strongly in monthly heartworm, flea, and tick prevention for all pets. Diet, routine blood work, and dental care also play a role in disease prevention and early detection and will be discussed at your appointment. 

Diagnostic Equipment

We have brand new in-house Idexx CBC, chemistry, and urinalysis machines that can give us your pet’s red and white cell counts, platelet counts, liver and kidney values, electrolyte status, and more in just minutes.

We have a DR (digital radiography) machine that allows us to have immediate results if your pet needs x-rays. We can even email you the results.


While preventing dental disease through routine teeth brushing is best, most dogs and cats will eventually require a dental cleaning under anesthesia. Sometimes extractions are necessary as well. We will evaluate your pet’s teeth during his or her routine examinations and discuss this when needed. We use a digital dental x-ray and ultrasonic scaler and polisher similar to what your dentist would use. To ensure your pet’s safety, we run pre-operative blood work, place an IV catheter, run fluids, and use anesthetic monitoring equipment as we would with any other surgical procedure.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy increases blood flow to the tissue, leading to improved cellular function which results in accelerated tissue repair, faster wound healing, pain management, and decreased inflammation. This therapy is useful in humanely treating and relieving many pathologies: arthritis, chronic and acute pain, back injury, IVDD, post-surgical treatment, sprains and strains, acute and chronic inflammation, edema, wound healing, and treating wound contamination. Laser therapy is the perfect non-invasive, non-surgical option of treating these (and many more) conditions at a variety of levels.

Boarding and Bathing

We offer air conditioned boarding for dogs and cats of all sizes. Our staff will treat your pets as their own and ensure that they receive the best care while you are away. We invite you to stop in and tour our kennel area any time. If you are not a current client, we will have you schedule an examination for your pet prior to boarding. All pets who board must be current on vaccines and on parasite prevention. If you would like your pet to have a bath prior to going home, please let us know. We also offer routine and medicated baths by appointment only. All baths include a nail trim and ear cleaning.